Prescription Drugs and the Holistic Alternative

In remembrance

Health Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith and  Michael Jackson dead but not forgotten. Each separate individuals, miles apart but each one ending up in the same place.

What do all these high-profile celebrities have in common? Most likely they have people around them who enabled them to continue taking prescription drugs for their pain and ailments.  The whole world knows of these three but there are many millions of people who do the same thing just without the notoriety.  The other side of this coin is personal responsibility.  Regardless of who is around you everyone is personally responsible for their own health.  There is no one to blame.  It’s either be a victim or a victor of your circumstances. Each of these people were going places.  But the place they wanted to go couldn’t be obtained because they neglected one of the most important assets they had, their physical body.  You can’t achieve the highest level of success physically without a healthy physical body to support you.  A healthy physical body starts with a healthy mind and healthy emotional state.

Is this your wake call?

This is America’s wake up call.  You can’t be in your 40′s and 50′s or older and using prescription meds for pain, sleep and depression and expect to last very long.  The use of prescription drugs is our denial

Yesterday my neighbor died. He was in his mid 80′s. May he rest in peace. He was a nice man. But for some reason I couldn’t impress upon him the need to get off of his prescription drugs. Elderly people have such a strong belief in Doctors and prescription medications. They have been led down the prim rose path by the belief that their doctors can save them. That the doctor can relieve them of their ailments. It’s a sad and very often repeated refrain. Little do they know until it’s too late that the doctor can’t save them. And prescription drugs can kill them.

Drugs are Toxic to the body

Taking any drug is toxic to you. So let’s be clear about that. When they show commercials on TV for prescription meds they will give you their disclaimer at the end. “Don’t take if you have liver problems” Can cause ……..”But that now is so ingrained into people’s unconscious that the don’t even hear it or they pay little to no attention to it.
If you are in your 30′s or 40′s or 50′s and you are taking medications then God help you when you reach your 60′s , 70′s and 80′s. You will by that time be taking a boat load of medications and each one of those medications by themselves and combined with each other will undoubtedly be your undoing. And if you should have to go to the hospital then for sure only God can help you because the doctors , and nurses have a whole system set up that will kill you faster than any thing you actually went in there for will. It’s a frightening scenario.

Holistic Solutions

As a Clinical Nutritionist I have been talking to people for many years including my own family about the need to seek holistic solutions for their health. Some people get it and some never do. Some get it but by then its the 11th hour and by that time they don’t have any fight left in them. And the drugs will take the fight out of you that is for sure. Once your will to live leaves then you might as well kiss it, your friends and family goodbye.

The downward spiral

Usually people start this demise by going for the non prescription stuff like aspirin, Tylenol and the like. They get a headache and they take an aspirin. The headache goes away and they think they think nothing else about it until it returns. And of course it will return. Taking an aspirin for a headache or any pain is not really doing anything for the problem. Because the reason that you have the problem is still there. You can manage your symptoms but without getting to the cause then you will get another occurrence of it. And it is clear taking aspirin and Tylenol is very harmful to you.  Every year 50,000 people die from liver failure from taking Acetaminophen ( Tylenol) alone.

Ants and roaches in your kitchen?

Take antibiotics for another instance. Taking antibiotics is like having roaches and ants come into your kitchen because there is food there for them to eat. So you logically conclude that you need to get rid of them so you reach for the Raid or other similar product. You kill all the ants and roaches and then conclude that your job is done and you put the Raid back in the cupboard under the sink. Now that is a logical solution to the problem but it is not holistically logical. The reason is that if you don’t clean up whatever the ants and roaches were feeding on then they will inevitably be back. Besides that the Raid not only kills ants and roaches it is toxic to humans and kills them too!
Taking antibiotics causes cancer. But yet people take them like they are candy. It’s no wonder that the third leading cause of death is at the hands of doctors and prescription medicines. There is a better way. But it requires you to make changes in how you live your life. This is the critical point. If you don’t make any changes then you don’t get any healing. By that definition along what the doctors offer is not a true healing therapeutic. When he /she gives you those pills they don’t tell you to make any changes. They just give you pills or surgery. They don’t say that you have to make any changes. Or the changes they do suggest are not going to do what you need to have done. There is no use in getting nutrition advice from a doctor. They are not nutritionist. There advise if they give any is not sufficient. And when you go see the doctor they only spend a small amount of time with you, prescribe you some medicine and then say “Next”! This is one of the main problems with our health care system. It relies too much on doctors and drugs and not enough on making changes to a persons physical , and mental self. How a person deals with stress, etc.

The solution to relying on prescription drugs is the holistic health alternative.  But unfortunately most people don’t understand it.  Most people try some alternatives such as taking some vitamins , they might try getting a massage, or they may even try  to get some exercise.  But usually they try only one or two things and then when it doesn’t yield any appreciable results and then they continue with what they normally do, taking over the counter drugs and then prescription drugs.  Everyone seems to have a regular doctor that they see and it is the mindset of the doctor to only offer them drugs or surgery.  It is this mindset and the lack of understanding of the alternatives that have most people doomed to following the doctors orders. One pill always leads to another pill.  And before you know it the person is taking a whole host of drugs and suffering greater and greater symptoms.

Holistic Health is really the only thing that works when it comes to being healthy.  Now I am not talking about a traumatic threat to your health.  If you get hit by a bus, or some other tragedy then by all means go to a doctor.  Emergency medicine is what doctors do best.  I am always amazed at how they are able to keep a cool head and attend to the persons trauma.

After the events around the death of celebrities came to light, there was a tremendous outcry and call for the heads of the doctors who gave them the medications.  But the problem isn’t  just a problem of doctors over prescribing.

Taking medications to deal with health issues

The core of the issue has to be in the use of medications at all.  It’s within the culture to use medications. Certainly all the advertising which is essentially programming that makes people comfortable with the idea of taking medications.    Its starts with simple aspirin and over the counter meds. One drug always leads to another drug.  Most of the people in the US use aspirin , Tylenol and the like.  And the problem with them all is that if you start to use them then your body becomes tolerant of it and so you need more.  No matter what the drug, pretty soon you will be taking more of it.  And this is why they whole idea of using them in the first place is to take you down a path of no return. Its a path towards death.   Health is not where you are at, more its the direction in which you are going.

But if it isn’t a trauma then Holistic health should be an approach that people should start to consider.


Which Direction are you going?

Life<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<            >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Death

One of the least understood aspects of a person’s health is that most people don’t understand the context of their health with the symptoms they have.  There is a progression of health in one direction or the other.  You are not standing still in space and time.  In fact you are moving through space and time  in one direction or the other.  Your body is always trying to bring you back to a state of homeostasis.  Your body is self healing.  It is trying to heal you from the imbalance that you put it in.  When you get up in the morning and have to go to the bathroom, that is your bodies attempt to heal you.  The direction you are going in will be signified by the symptoms you have.  Say you start in the middle and you don’t have any symptoms, or say you only have a very few symptoms.  Say you have some slight indigestion, and maybe some constipation.  Maybe you get headaches occasionally.  You take some fiber product, you take some pepto bismal, you take and aspirin for the occasional headache.  But your problems seem to keep reoccurring.  So at some point you have to keep taking these things or you get reoccurrences of the same problems.

This is an example of someone not heading their bodies warnings and basically killing the messenger.  So instead of making fundamental changes to diet and lifestyle you just take something for it.  This sets you up in a pattern of looking outside of yourself for something to take as a way of balancing your energy.  This is where the fundamental problem comes from.  This idea that its all about looking for a pill or something outside of yourself to make you feel better.  Lets consider indigestion for example.  Indigestion has a lot to do with your feelings and emotions.  No matter how good the food is , if you are an emotional person then it will effect your bodies ability to digest properly.

So how a person handles their stress.  How they identify with their emotions will effect their digestion.  In addition to these factors one has to look at the foods they eat and whether they are also a part of the problem. In Holistic Health we don’t separate the body from the mind and emotions.  They all are connected and unless you deal with them all then you will only have a small amount of relief.  And when you are only getting a small amount of relief you will wind up going for something stronger like a drug.    For a doctor to tell someone they have “brain chemical imbalance” and then prescribing antidepressants is in my mind , next to a criminal act.   Especially in light of the fact that 90% of the serotonin production in your body is done in your stomach! The blind faith that we put into doctors is really at the core of our problem.  We think of doctors as Gods and only result to malpractice lawsuits when they don’t meet up to our expectations.  This is one of the reasons that these lawsuits are spiraling out of control. Rather then resort to victimization I would like to support everyone to taking charge of their lives.  Your body is perfect.  And its self Healing.  Get back to who you naturally are.  You can achieve your highest level of health without the use of drugs.

If you are in need of greater support to do that then, the support you need is here.  This is why we have created Sacred Space Retreats in Middletown, California. Giving yourself the time and attention that you need is really at the core of Holistic Health.   You can’t achieve health from a pill.  You can achieve it only through love. What ever you love grows. And so by giving yourself the time and attention you need you will discover that your body can heal itself. And that in your commitment to yourself you will achieve your highest goals in life:  Peace, love and happiness.



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