The Holistic Alternative

When it comes to Trauma Medicine, there is no one who does it better then modern medicine and hospitals.  Anyone who has seen “Trauma in the ER” on TV can’t help but marvel at the great work done by many of the doctors, nurses and staff who treat people in a very stressful and traumatic situation.  The coolness and professionalism that is exhibited by doctors and others is quite an amazing thing to behold. Doctors performing intricate medical procedures such as   separating conjoined twins or doing face transplants are the cutting age of modern medicine.  Pathology is also a great use of the skills and usefulness  of doctors which has been popularized by TV.

Modern medicine, however, has a dark side.  For people with chronic illness  the Health Care System may not provide the  health that many people expect  Whether a person is insured or not, even if they are rich and can afford the best doctors and the best medicines and surgical procedures does it in the end provide health? For many people suffering from chronic illnesses modern medicine is a trap and a dead end street.  More often then not a person gets hooked on prescription drugs without solving their problem.

In 2005 and in 2009 studies were conducted into the reasons that people filed bankruptcy.  The biggest reason for personal bankruptcy was ill health resulting in high medical bills. These studies were telling but one of the most telling factors of the study was that even if a person had medical insurance they still were susceptible to bankruptcy.  This is an important finding because it really speaks to the idea that even if you had insurance you couldn’t afford the medical bills for drugs and surgery, loss of work and business productivity.  The reason is that the health care system doesn’t provide health.  It only gives the appearance of health while at the same time draining its consumers of their resources and their life.

“If the Doctors of today do not become the nutritionist of tomorrow, then the nutritionist of today will become the Doctors of tomorrow.”
The Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research

The goal of any undertaking is success.  And what is broken in our Health Care system is that it does not deliver health any more then the justice system always dispenses justice.  Like the justice system the health care system gives the appearance of health but to anyone believing that you will get health when you are going to a doctor for chronic health problems what you will often experience is your symptoms managed through a well programmed slight of hand.

“He was in perfect health”

“The Continental Airlines pilot who died on a trans-Atlantic flight from Brussels to Newark was in “perfect health” …. his wife told a Houston television station. Craig Lenell, 60, had no known heart condition and underwent twice-a-year physicals, Lynda Lenell told KHOU-TV.”

This incident shows the dark side of only going to doctors for physical exams. and believing falsely that you are healthy as a result.  When you go to a doctor for a physical exam and they take your blood for a Complete Blood Count or CBC what they are doing is  comparing your blood to a known average.  This known average is called the “normal range” which is established from  all the sick people who went to the doctor or hospital before you.  If the values fall within the “normal range”  which is a bell shaped curve of all the samples, then your test is discarded and that is all that is done with it. If some of the values are outside  high or low of the normal range then those values are flagged for further analysis by your doctor.

The problem with this is “statistics lie”.  I once had a client who came to see me who said she had recently went to the doctor and got a physical and CBC for which the doctor found nothing outside the normal values and declared her healthy.  A month later she was experiencing pain in her stomach for which she then went back to the doctor for which he informed her that she had stomach cancer.  If she had stomach cancer at that time then it means she had it a month later when they declared her healthy.  The reality  is clear that from using this method as the only method of determining health the  person can be made complacent about the state of their health.

The Holistic Alternative

Live Blood Analysis using a Darkfield Microscope can give a person greater tools to not just be a patient and to take whatever the doctor says but to be more in charge their health.  By looking at your blood you can see what your blood looks like and began to take more aggressive action at creating health.   You can be a victim  or a patient and left with someone to blame or you can utilize more effective tools to determine the full extent of your health or lack of it, despite traditional methods utilized by modern medicine.

To get health a review of the methods to achieve it is necessary. Allopathic medicine, the idea that drugs and surgery can bring health is the real flaw in our thinking when it comes to health.   This is the tenet upon which our health care system is based and is the reason why more then anything it is bankrupt.  My question is this: Does taking drugs and getting surgery accomplish our goal of being healthier?

Meet Sara: Sara is 29 years old and was diagnosed at age 19 for mononucleosis.  After that she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  She was given pain medications vicaden and at some point was diagnosed with depression for which she was given Zolof.  She also was given meloxicam for pain and Ambian to help her to sleep.  She is a typical example of someone who goes to doctors for help and they proceed to poison her and turn her into an addict who can’t go a day without taking these medications.  What started out as health issues has now been made worse because not only does she still have the issues of pain, the fibromyalgia, fatigue, depression and in ability to sleep now she has the toxicity from each one of the medications as well and because she still has all the issues for which she went to the doctor for it is obvious that this approach has not succeeded in accomplishing better health for this person.

The  Holistic Alternative

You can take a drug for a headache and your headache seems to go away.  But invariably it comes back if other changes are not made.  And if your headache went away after taking the aspirin would you say you were healthier? Taking one pill always leads to taking another one.  A true healing therapeutic must involve making changes. Without making changes a person doesn’t get healing.  By this definition alone it is clear that real healing doesn’t occur by going to doctors and taking pills or even getting surgery.   To make changes a complete understanding of a person’s physical, mental and spiritual self is needed  upon which  changes can be  made that would allow the person to be healed.  When you see a doctor he or she spends about 15 mins with you.  They “diagnose” your problem, prescribe some medications or surgery and send you out the door.  This is a crude undertaking and primitive attempt that doesn’t respect who you are as a whole being.   You can manage your symptoms and they will keep returning.    This is not getting to the cause to why a person has a problem.  And this is how consumers of the health care system are turned into addicts of drugs and surgeries which then end up in continual trips to the doctor, prescriptions for more drugs and a continuation of their health issues ending in greater ill health, bankruptcy and untimely death.  The public is hoodwinked into thinking they are getting their needs met when in fact they are not. They are simply being drugged.

All drugs are toxic to the liver whether its aspirin or morphine.  Most drugs cause the problem they are meant to correct.  By manipulating the symptom we get the problems associated with the symptom and we get the toxicity from the drug.  If you have high blood pressure you can take a drug to manipulate the symptoms of your blood pressure being high without getting to the cause to why you have the problem you will keep having to take the drug and eventually you will have an even bigger problem as the underlying reasons for high blood pressure will still affect you.

Modern medicine is an approach that attempts to go against nature and the natural processes of mind, body and spirit.  This is why this approach will never work.  As long as you go against nature instead of getting in alignment with nature and allowing nature to be the teacher then you will continually have problems and no amount of drugs and surgeries will solve that problem.  It seems odd that so many people believe in medicine and that so many millions of people subscribe to such an approach.  And perhaps in certain cases there may be a use for them.  It might be appropriate if the good doctors had a whole range of options to offer their clients but it seems they only have two, drugs or surgery.  The question remains, does this approach make you healthier?

Meet Alana: Alana   had a problem in sleeping for 14 years now.  For that length of time she has been taking many different prescription medications to go to sleep.  And to get her up and going in the morning she has been taking prescription drugs which amounts to speed.  When came to me for help.  I was sure she could accomplish her goal but the first thing she had to do was get off of all the medications.  By this time she was certainly ready.  She was only in early thirties and basically had lost all hope of having a normal life, and pursuing her dreams of meaningful work, loving relationships and children.  After spending some time detoxifying her of the medications Karen was able to get herself back to her natural self and sleep soundly without medications.  This is after having going through every conceivable approach that modern medicine could come up with including sleep labs and shock therapy.

Here is her experience in her own words:

Thank you for changing my life to everyone at Sacred Space

I want to thank you all for the part you played in changing/saving my life. I had been struggling with chronic insomnia for 14 years and had been taking heavy medication day and night for a large portion of that time. I had tried everything, sleep labs, therapy, and learning different techniques to try to help me sleep. I was even hospitalized at one point and received ECT (shock therapy) treatments, all to no avail. My doctors just kept prescribing different medications and treatments in hopes that something would help me get some sleep and get my life back. I wasn’t able to finish school or have a job. The sleep deprivation I suffered also caused all kinds of health problems. I had also tried acupuncture and various other holistic oriented treatments as well. I tried to stay positive through it all and kept searching for a new way to approach my problem, that’s when I came across your website. I was so tired (in every sense of the word) of being heavily medicated and not living the life I knew was somehow possible. Before the insomnia I was very active, energetic, and spontaneous and just loved living life to its fullest. I knew it had to be somehow possible to get that back. After speaking with you, I had a new sense of hope and couldn’t wait to get there and start this life changing process. You provided me with the resources necessary to learn, heal and grow. Every person I met there had an impact on me, along with the environment, and I learned how to change my life. The food was absolutely incredible! I never knew all the stuff you could do with fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds! It is no exaggeration when I say that the time I spent there has truly changed and saved my life! I am no longer just barely existing, I am LIVING and I am LOVING IT!!! Thank you again for all of your help and for the follow-up on my progress since leaving.

These people are not just strange cases but the average person who knocks on our door.  If this was unusual, or not typical then we could say that modern medicine was doing its job.  But that is not the case.

Having been involved in a holistic health practice for over 20 years, I propose a success driven program.  Success means that we actually get health as oppose to a manipulation of our natural processes.  By listening to our bodies and what it is telling us we can become more in alignment with our natural self as oppose to working against it. Some people have low expectations and low self esteem.  Being treated by doctors or anyone like you deserve the problems they give you is all that some people expect.   Living a life taking drugs each day, continually having the pain and discomfort that it gives you without a true resolution to your problem is all that some people expect out of life and becomes a familiar pattern that they think is “normal”.

That the human body is capable of  being free of drugs, and in alignment with nature is rarely experienced by most people.  We have been programmed to believe that all we deserve out of life is a happy meal.  We have been reduced to slave labor and are thankful for a weekend off.  By the time we are 50 years old we are lucky to still be alive.  Those that are have hips and knees replaced, hysterectomies, heart valves replaced, are taking a multitude of drugs and have one foot in the grave. Our emotional and mental state by this time is severely fractured and our relationships with anyone significant in our lives is strained at best and usually broken.
Our children are on recreational drugs and are expected to have shorter life spans then their parents.  This in my mind is not success.  We are capable of so much more.  We are held down and controlled to the nth degree at every level by every institution we come in contact with from education to religion, to our health care.  We speak with pride as we march our children off to war and then cry with grief as they are slaughtered for some unknown and unjustifiable cause like oil or our “freedoms”.

The basis of Holistic Health is that what is natural will ultimately bring us peace, love and happiness. It’s hard to experience peace love and happiness if your body is in pain.  If your body is giving you pain then that pain is a message from nature that you are doing something against the natural flow of life.   In allopathic medicine we seek to subdue pain and to bend it to our will.  Pain is the messenger.  Instead of listening to the message we subdue it, through drugs. And if that doesn’t work we use surgery.  First we start off with simple over the counter medicine that we can get in any drug store.  And when that doesn’t do the job then we go to a doctor who gives us something stronger. This acquiescence on the part of our doctors makes them the chief purveyor of the denial of natural causes.

We live in a causal universe. There is the symptom and there is the cause.  The cause creates the symptoms.  Allopathic medicine works on the symptomatic level.  Without getting to the cause to why something happens then the symptoms will always return.  Or they will reroute themselves only to return in a different way stronger and more potent.  And this is why the system of working on the symptomatic level will bankrupt anyone who tries to engage it that way.

Relationships can be mirrors, in which we can see ourselves more clearly.  And in so doing we can make changes in ourselves so that we can grow.  Growing can be difficult when one is not committed to it.  We all know people who have not accepted responsibility for their lives and continue to blame others for their problems.  I know people in my own family who fit that description so I don’t have to go far for an example. This is someone who isn’t growing and learning.  And this is the problem with the consumers of our health care system.

In order for there to be successful  in life we must be committed to growing and learning.  We can’t say that people who are grown adults and who act like children are being successful.  Children are the sort that can’t be satisfied. And who blame their lack of satisfaction on someone else not giving them what they want instead of taking responsibility of getting it themselves.  Have you ever given a child something only to have the child be dissatisfied and wanting  more only a few minutes later?  Adults who act like children are the same way.  This lack of satisfaction and demand for more is a result of our childlike self and shows the lack of spiritual growth.  It is ego driven.  And the ego is never satisfied.  The ego is attached to the form of things and is fear based so this is where we find ourselves as a society.  Our engagement in wars around the globe reflects this as well as the violence and disharmony that exists upon people who are as close as husband and wives or is shown in the disharmony, crime and violence of people within our own community.    Success is about spiritual, mental and physical growth.  To grow one has to be willing to cut off the things that do not support ones success.  There is a pathway to success.  When there is pain then this is a sign that says we are going the wrong way on the pathway to success.

My indictment of our failed health care system is directed to all the parties involved in it.  The consumers who receive products and services from it, the doctors who administer it, the hospitals who manage it, the pharmaceutical and medical  companies who produce products for it and the media who promote it.  All are complicit.  All bare and share some of the blame  for having created it. But blaming others is not going to solve our problems.  Only takiing responsibility for our lives, for our heatlh and for our happiness will solve the problem and that is something that each one of us can commit to that achieving.

The problems that it affects the most are the humans who consume it.  It is the consumers who suffer the pain and the loss of life from it.  A look at the elderly is a great way to see the end result of a life committed to allopathic medicine.  Most elderly people think the doctor is God.  And they regularly go to them and take all of their medicine.  The problem is that the more a person is involved with the health care system the more drugs and surgeries they consume.  As a result by the time a person is elderly they will have generally speaking had several operations and are now taking many drugs.  And since each drug is toxic to the body, when you combine them they become even more toxic.  So by the time they are say in their 60’s, 70’s , or 80’s they are taking so many drugs they will be having such side effects from those drugs that it is the drugs themselves that will kill them not the illness for which they are taking the drugs in the first place.  Side effects like dizziness and hallucinations are common.  If you get dizzy and you fall down and hit your head and they rush you to the doctor and the doctor says that you have brain inflammation from the fall and there is nothing they can do for you and you die, do you think they say the reason for your death is because of the drugs or because of the fall?  A certain percentage of the drug disclaimers say that one of the side effect of taking the drug is death.  Doctors don’t tell their patients the side effects of taking the drugs so the consumer is left none the wiser.  Even if they do tell you, the consumer thinks he has no other options and consumes them anyway.  All these and more are the result of a medical system that is built on false assumptions. It is based on the idea that they are providing you health care when in fact they only make you dependent on them.

My treaty to each one of you is that there is a holistic alternative.  A program that takes all of the aspects of our being into consideration will always have more success.  A program that restores us to our natural balance has to be the goal.   A process that looks at the cause to why we have the problem and seeks to correct can lead us to the path of success.

The problem of having a holistic health care system involves several issues, one is education.  Most people don’t fully understand it. The second is that most holistic approaches are not all encompassing.  So you might go to a nutritionist, you might go get a massage. You might get acupuncture, or you might get some spiritual counseling but rarely would you go to one place to get them all integrated into a complete package.  The corollary to this is that there is no magic bullet.  There are many aspects of us.  Say there are eleven different parts to ourselves.  To get the greatest amount of healing you would have to address all eleven aspects of yourself.  If you only address one issue then you may get some improvement but you wouldn’t get the improvement that would come when you address three of the eleven or say 7 of them or say all 11.  This is why when people change one thing or get one service they may be discouraged.

Speaking metaphysically being discouraged or depressed means that one doesn’t have a “plan” or they don’t understand what the plan is for their success.  I believe that if we start with the idea that success is our goal, then there is a plan that leads us from where we are at currently to where we are going.  When a person can’t intuit what that plan is then they have depression.  Depression is not a problem of low serotonin levels.  It is a spiritual problem not a brain chemical imbalance as we have been led to believe.   So if you are depressed then it is because you are not connected to that part of your self that knows.  And not knowing is like driving at night with your headlights out.  If you drive at night with your headlights out then you are sure to hit something that you didn’t know was out there.  So in order to see ahead of yourself you have to turn your head lights on.  Then you can “see”. Seeing allows you to intuit or know what the plan is.  The fact that our nation has depression at record numbers is not because there is a shortage of depression drugs.  Can it be that the spiritual development of our nation has been stifled by the control of institutions that keeps us manipulated and dependent?

This brings me to another important point and that is that a true system for health and healing has to be based on Self Help.  Self help and self determination is the only way that a person can heal.  You can only find the greatest healing within yourself.  That is it must come from the inside out not the outside in.  It must be one of developing power internally and not externally imposed upon you. Any system that is based on control, which is imposed onto someone from the outside, is not a system that can work.  A true healing system has to be based on Self determination.  The person has to become there own doctor.  This means the persons delivering the program have to be on equal footing with the person taking the program.  This is where responsibility is a basic and important factor in success.  The person taking the program has to assume all responsibility for their success.  If not then they will not get the success they are looking for.  Most programs are unequally based.  So it creates a parent-child relationship.  Parent – child relationships are based on control.   Most children do what their parents tell them especially when the parent is nearby to watch over them.  But as soon as the parent goes away the children resort to doing what they want to do.  Even if the parent threatens punishment often that will not change behavior.      The program can’t be fear based.  Fear is the main reason that stops us from growing.  Fear is the opposite of growth and is what stops a person from creating success.  Responsibility is an important aspect to a successful health program simply because it is the result of our own actions, our own thoughts that works against us.  Most of us are concerned with being treated unfairly but we do more to hurt our own self then anyone else can do to us.    We have actually been programmed to work against our own selves.  We in fact are our own worse enemy.  So we have to undergo reprogramming.  One of the best tools for helping us to reprogram is martial arts.  Martial arts is a system of learning how to protect ones self.  Allbert Einstein  once said ” You can solve the problem with the same mind that created it”.  The analytical tools we used to solve our problems are done with the same mind that created the problem.  Thy mind has its own brain. The mind says it wants cookies, cupcakes, drugs and alcohol. The mind is saying that it knows things are not good for us but it can’t overcome the bodies cravings and desires.  As a result we capitulate.  Part of a holistic process would be to reprogram our mind and body to become One.

There was once a movement on the part of allopathic medicine to disregard and to even sabotage holistic health practices.  Many years ago before there were drugs for things or people couldn’t’ afford to go to a doctor they had people who practiced more natural forms of health.  If you were sick you might go to a neighbor lady who would put together some herbs for you and might suggest an enema or you might go to the “healing waters”, natural mineral springs that existed in many parts of the country.  The systems of control that all of our institutions are based on wanted to take the power away from those that it feared.  In some parts of the states and other country’s you had occurrences where the people who practiced this natural healing were labeled as “witches” and they were gotten rid of by the ruling power at the time.  So while allopathic medicine has many years to develop it, holistic medicine has been subdued and held down in its development.  It has been disregard as not important.  Even to this day you have some doctors telling their patients that what they eat has little consequence to their health or encouraging them to not pursue holistic methods because it might interfere with their medications.  Not long ago you had doctors even promoting smoking cigarettes.  The treatment of holistic health by allopaths has been one of disdain and disregard.  This leads many people to distrust it.

In order to for people to really utilize holistic health they will have to change how they approach it.  Many people feel like they don’t have the time for it.  They want something quick  and fast.  Our society is speeding up or so it seems.  It seems like with all the things that must be done in a day, no one has the time to meditate or even to go to a grocery store and spend more then a few second’s grabbing things that are familiar.  The rise of convenience and of fast food reflects this.  What seems odd however is that the more things we have that get us there faster the less time we have.  Despite fast food, tivo, computers that go at ever faster speeds, we seem to have less and less time for the things that are important to us.  This is what happens when you have an artificial environment such as cities.  Cities do not promote the natural environment. As a result we have gotten disconnected from our natural environment and as a result we want things to happen now.  Any trip to a natural country side will give you a more natural and relaxing experience. It will give you more time to actually think or not think and more time to enjoy the present moment.

This country is going through a big change and for those who are ready to stop being ”played” by drug pushers  and those that conspire with them I propose the Holistic Alternative.   Success can be measured in your experience in returning you to your natural self.  This is a new proposition for many of us but it has its roots squarely in the history of what real health is about.

Freedom, liberation and success are the goal in life. This is characterized by our experience of peace, love and happiness.  Our various institutions have not fully  supported us in achieving this what some may believe a Utopian existence.  This is the problem of the society as a whole and the institutions that govern it.  Success is guaranteed when we use more parts of ourselves that allows us to rise above the small minded egos that have created the institutions that control us.  Freedom and liberation from the things that hold our physical, mental and spiritual selves down is possible.  Consciousness is everything.  And with a growing consciousness of ourselves of who we are on a physical, mental and spiritual level we will one day find ourselves free. Ultimately the freedom and the power to achieve it must be found inside of ourselves. And it can’t be given by someone to us and ultimately it can’t be taken away from us. With adequate resources, a strong will and love anyone can find their natural balance.   There will come a time when Holistic Health institutions will be as common as hospitals.  Instead of waiting for your body to breakdown from stress and an unnatural environment, people will go to centers located in the country, where they can find themselves and connect with their natural selves.  They will be respected and given all the tools they need to heal themselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.     That time is now for those who are ready.


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  1. “holistic” is a much bandied about term these days …sounds like you have the true meaning in mind.

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